Please see below to read testimonials from our patients.

Dr. Ancich shared her story @ how Xlear Sinus Care System helped her.  It took me a while to beign spraying my sinuses, closing my mouth, and taping my lips closed.  I also used a Breath Right strip as directed.  Seems like a lot of "stuff" on the face, but was not nearly so much as the CPAP required.  The Doctor said it might take weeks or longer to feel results.
From the beginning I could breathe easlily while I slept.  I was not exhausted during the day.  I told my daughters that I would keep them aware if it seemed a grood treatment becasue they are also mouth breathers.  I told them immediately what a successful option this was for me.
I am still working out details for daily use, for which Dr. Ancich's entire office can share suggestions from their own experiences.
I am very happy with the taping results which will become an easy part of my bedtime routine.  Again special thanks to my dentist and her enthusiastic office.
I am so excited about the results from using XLear nasal spray and the mouth taping.  I was so tired of waking up with an extremely dry mouth every morning and waking up during the night to have to drink water.  I thought that I was sleeping well before, but now I really know what a good night's sleep is.
As a lifelong mouth breather I have never experienced the relief of a clear sinus when I wake up.  I have better focus, more energy and don't start my day with sinus pressure since taping.  This has been a very positive game changer for me!
The taping really works!  I haven't felt this good in a long time. It's creepy, but who cares!
As always, going to Dr. Ancich is never a bad experience.  Front desk, hygienist, assistant and Dr. Ancich herself - all the women are friendly, professional and always make me feel comfortable from the start to finish.
Always a pleasant experience visiting this office.  The staff is very friendly and professional.  I suppose it seems unusual to say visiting the dentist is pleasant, but in the case of Dr. Ancich's office, it is a true statment.  Glad I became your patient!
I met with Sue who did excellent work on my teeth and gums.  It was pain free.  I aslo appreciate the information on the condition of tongue tie.  I plan on contacting the professional person I was referred to for an evaluation - thank you so much for the referral.
This experience, from setting up my appointment, to interaction with Kris, to working with Dr. Nicole was very warm, inviting, kind and professional.  I actually enjoyed my time there, learned some new things, loved the view and felt you all ove being there too!  Almost like Disneyland--the happiest place on Earth!  Thanks so much!
As always, thank you for the wonderful care!  I am grateful for your services and your office.
Awesom, friendly, professional care.  I love coming here!
Comfort and care is an essential ingredient in Dr. Ancich's office.  The staff is amazingly friendly and competent.  As for 'new services' I never cease to be amazed at the changes being made in the dental profession and always available at Dr. Ancich's office.
First, anyone reading this patient testimonial is welcome to call me. You can get my personal number from Dr. Ancich's office, and this is my permission. By the way, she didn't ask me to say all this, I told her face to face, so she then asked me to tell you by way of a testimonial. Here it is:

Dr. Ancich became my dentist when she bought the practice from Dr. Wood, who was retiring. As anyone would be, I was ill at ease about this new person about to drill and stick needles in my mouth. Picture Star Trek: "Red Alert!" - "Shields UP!"

For my money, I want my dentist to:
  • watch my (dental) back like they would their own family members. I am paying for expert advice, and I want them to watch over my health with concern, not see me as just another boring dental procedure in their day.
  • not let me be lazy about my own practices (if you ever had to go to the principal's office, you will find out what I mean. "The Look" is all Dr. Ancich gives you, and it is enough to bring fresh promises you will do better...) 
  • someone who stays up-to-date in the latest dental gizmos and procedures (I'm always seeing some new, amazing thing she has to check me over with)
  • and let us not forget, someone who is paying close attention to any pain I'm having!

Let me summarize: As an army brat plus 7 years in the Air Force, I have experienced a fair number of dentists. That, plus a number of civilian dentists. One I quit after one visit, some I felt like I was just another boring procedure to them, some I didn't think they "had my back." Some were good, to be sure, like Dr. Wood was. So I have experience in dentists. 

As to Dr. Ancich: in 10 years, I have never had one negative about the care or business-office matters I have received. This extends to her entire staff. They are professional, yet make you feel like you are a friend. I had an insurance agency for 38 years, so I know smooth business operations, and this is one of the best. Insurance, appointments, unexpected problems... they will work it out in your favor the best way possible. They have your back!
If you care about your teeth, you want the best care. You will get it with Dr. Ancich's office!

I recently moved back to the area and I'm so glad my neighbor recommended Dr. Ancich  and her staff.  Everyone is so friendly and still very professional. I have never had a more thorough exam. A questionnaire helps determine the type of services available.  My first cleaning revealed some issues that need to be addressed. By my next cleaning these issues showed some improvement, thank you Sue.  I'm looking forward to my next visit and would highly recommend Dr. Ancich and her staff.

We are soooo happy to have Nicole for our dental care needs!  After 30 years with the same dentist, the entire family made a switch to be closer to home. We were very nervous about making the change, but to our pleasant surprise each one of us fell in love with Nicole and her entire office staff on our very first visit!  What a wonderful experience, from the cherry front desk staff to the back of the office, which boasts sweeping views of the Sound right from your dental chair.  Thank you so much Heather, Nicole and Staff!!!